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Ultra HD 4K Resolution White Screen Paint

  • Product Description

    • A one step product for home theater and commercial projector screens. 
    • Paint on any smooth surface.  Apply 2 coats either by rolling or spraying.  Screens wider than12 feet turn out better when sprayed.
    • 1 quart paints a 40 sq. ft. screen with 2 coats.
    • I gallon paints a 160 sq. ft. screen with 2 coats.  
    • 50% brighter than a chalk white primered wall.
    • Extremely wide viewing angle with accurate color rendering and good contrast.
    • Works well with Ultra HD 4K projectors.
    • Sold in both quarts and gallons.
    • White color

    Digital Image Screen Paint makes it easy to have a high quality projector screen painted onto almost any wall or flat surface. 
    Our screen paint rivals any expensive manufactured screen at a fraction of the cost. It offers an extremely bright, high contrast picture, that can be painted any size that you want. Digital Image Screen Paint offers an extremely wide viewing angle for a great bright picture no matter where you are sitting in the room. It is easy to apply with either a standard pan & roller or it may be sprayed by more experienced painters. It works great with HD 1080p and 4K resolution projectors and it is color balanced for accurate natural looking colors. Digital Image Screen Paint is a single application product (no base coat & top coat). Just paint 2 coats of the same paint. Our paint can be cleaned with a mild clear soap and a soft cloth for many years of good viewing.

    We have free ups shipping and usually ship the same day that the paint is ordered. West Coast orders usually take 2 business days, Midwest and Southern States 2-3 days, and East Coast 4-5 days. We also offer extra cost air shipping. A permanent painted screen will perform much better than a wavy roll up screen.

    If you have any questions, call Jim at customer service at 801-915-6869.

    SDS sheet - Digital Image 4K Ultra White Screen Paint



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      I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. I had painted the wall in my warehouse with a premium ultra white paint already and the picture was great. But..... When we added on 2 coats of this paint... I was pleasantly surprised on the difference it made. Color, contrasts, black levels were all rich... Equipment: Optoma UHD60; Approximately 24'6" away from wall; ceiling mounted 11'6" High. Couldn't be more satisfied with this! on Oct 19th 2020


      Works great! and great customer service on Oct 6th 2020

    3. Great definition and contrast for 205" 4k screen!

      I used this to paint a 205" (17') diagonal screen in my living room. The reflective level of 1.5 is fantastic. Much better whites and contrast than my old screen paint. Also black levels are deeper. I'm using it with a ViewSonic X10-4KE 4K UHD Projector, and the 4k images are astounding. I compared it to an actual Silver Ticket Screen, and the paint is much better.
      I rolled it on with the recommended 3/8" nap roller. If you're rolling it, make sure to use a roller handle, and do complete strokes from one end of the screen to the other (or top to bottom) so that it dries without overlap lines. You can't paint it in sections. I did two thick coats and still have some of the gallon leftover. looks great!
      on May 15th 2020

    4. Great money saver

      My screen now is much better thanks to this paint. One quart gave me two coats for a 120 inch screen. Much cheaper than buying an actual screen. on Jan 20th 2020

    5. Wow

      After searching, this screen paint is awesome easy to apply and my picture looks great! on May 20th 2019

    6. Excellent Paint for HD projection.

      I purchased this paint in one gallon for a wall area approximately 140 sq ft. I was able to give a two coat applications in a gallon bucket.

      The projector that I used is an Epson with about 3200 Lumens; now it gave a better background to show the screen and projection and it is very clear.

      I would say this is better than other brands which gives shades of grey on a flat wall. Easy to use.
      on Dec 25th 2017

    7. Screen Paint

      Really worked good, enhanced to projection perfectly.
      on Nov 22nd 2017

    8. Awesome

      Took a but to get but customer service was understanding and willing to make me happy and now the paint is up on the wall for my shop movie theater in Thanks for the clean product option. on Nov 22nd 2017

    9. This product really delivers!

      I've made three screens of different sizes and this is the only one I'll use. It delivers on the ease of use, contrast, and that "POP" wow factor that we all look for in our screen images. on Aug 16th 2017

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