Theater Screen Painting Instructions




Painting Instructions for Ultra White and also Light Gray screen paint:

Our Ultra White Screen Paint may be sprayed or rolled on. Spraying is preferred, but should only be attempted by an experienced painter with quality spray equipment. Rolling is not a problem if the screen is not over about 10 feet wide.  Wider screens should be sprayed for best results.  The surface needs to be fairly smooth with no plaster texturing. If it is textured you will need to trowel with sheet rock mud and sand smooth.  A white latex primer coat will be needed if the wall is already painted a dark color.

For most home theater applications the screen paint will be rolled on. You will need a good quality 1/4" or 3/8 nap roller. The projector screen should be rolled in horizontal strokes going all the way across.  Each stroke should be overlapped by about 50%. Keep going over it with less paint on roller and with lighter strokes until no overlap lines are visible. It is best if you can wait before you add the dark border until the screen painting is completed, so the border can cover the end of the roller strokes. If this is not possible or if no border is being used, then finish the edges with a small 2" or 3" edge roller.

Our High Contrast Light Gray base coat should be applied in 2 coats and may be either rolled or sprayed. Let dry at least 6 hours before applying the top reflective coat.  It is best to let the second base coat dry overnight.

The top reflective coat should be applied in the same manner as above except it must be hand shaken with the can upside down for at least 2 minutes and then stirred and used immediately.  The reflective particles will settle to the bottom if not used right away. The top reflective coat should be sprayed not rolled.  The paint sprayer needs to always be 90 degrees to the screen to keep the reflective particles aligned the same.   

The top coat goes on white, but dries almost clear. It takes about 3 days to completely cure to achieve maximum clarity and brightness. Apply 2 coats of top coat to achieve maximum brightness.


Enjoy your new screen.

See additional instructions on the can.