Mount Installation


            • Fasten the mounting bracket to solid wood or ceiling beams not sheet rock. 
              It is important that the mount be secured solidly to the ceiling.

            • Wires may be routed inside the ceiling. Home Depot sells self adhesive 
              wiring tubes that will hide the wires and may be painted the same color as the wall.

            • To facilitate fastening the ceiling base plate onto the ceiling it is easier to unscrew 
              the two quick disconnect screws and separate the two halves from the mount.

            • While the two halves are separated you can attach the projector to the 
              lower half of the mount. 

            • We have supplied you with all the known sizes of screws that fasten the projector to the 
              mount. If none of them fit your local hardware or auto parts store will most likely have 
              them, and will probably be in metric measurement. If you prefer you can call or e-mail us and 
              we will find and immediately send you the proper sized threaded screws.

            • Many projectors only use three mounting points. You can just rotate the 4th leg out of the 
              way or remove it completely.

            • If the projector mounting holes are very close together you can reverse the end sliders 
              on the legs so that they point inward.